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Representative Lewis:

I would like to thank you and your office for the assistance we received when we reached out to you for help.  Grace stayed on top of the situation and I could not be happier with her assistance... the problem was resolved very quickly and well before the time frame we were told.  I am positive that without your help, we would still be waiting on this issue to be fixed.

It really means a lot to us that you and your office were willing to assist us during this time.  The citizens of Harnett County are lucky to have you representing them in Raleigh.

With best regards,

Matt W.
Dunn, NC


Wow is all I can say. It was a great visit yesterday and I so appreciate you helping to set this up for my students. Please express my gratitude, once again, to Rep. Lewis for participating yesterday.

Again, thank you for setting this up for me.

Harnett County Educator
Bunnlevel, NC

Rep. Lewis,

As always, it was such a pleasure and honor to speak with you today. THANK YOU again for keeping civility and plain ol' good manners in politics. We may disagree on some issues, but we can agree on the fact that you're a role model for demonstrating the concept of "public servant."

Thank you for your generous offer to listen and respond. I'd shake your hand yet again if I could. :-)

With respect for the honor you exhibit,

Kim Y.
Cary, NC

Representative David Lewis... [is] fighting hard for cancer patients to ensure they have coverage when they need it the most.

Robert S.
Raleigh, NC

Here at Campbell University we are always proud to see the ways our alumni succeed in life, and that certainly includes our local state Rep. David Lewis, a Campbell alumnus. As a key leader for the N.C. House, Rep. Lewis is to be commended for his work on tax reform. From his efforts and statements about tax reform we see not only a policymaker’s focus on how to grow our employment base, but also heartfelt dedication to local communities and compassion for people in need. He does this, in part, by standing strongly behind the work of charitable nonprofits across the state and voicing opposition to new taxes on nonprofits.

Rep. Lewis is... looking out for and protecting the resources of all nonprofits. When you see him on the street or in a community meeting, take a moment to let him know you appreciate his leadership on tax reform and protecting charitable nonprofits like churches, schools, relief groups and senior care facilities. That leadership is something we at Campbell University appreciate and find to be very important. It’s equally important to all the citizens of Harnett County.

Dr. Jerry Wallace
President, Campbell University


Thank you... for you assistance and time and thank you for your service to the people of Harnett County and the State of North Carolina.


George S.
Fort Knox, KY

Rep. Lewis:

I cannot thank you enough for helping us.

With best regards,

Seth H.
Lillington, NC

Hi David,

Thank you for your assistance to me and to Harnett Health in supporting our concerns and our needs in making rural hospitals viable entities.

Than You,

O. A.
Buies Creek, NC

Hi Greg,

Thanks so much for the update. I know that Rep Lewis is working on the issue, and I appreciate his assistance more than you can imagine.

Lynn D.
Sanford, NC

You are awesome! Thanks so much for your immediate assistance!

Ms. Andrea M.
Erwin, NC


On behalf of the Angier Chamber of Commerce, contractor for License Plate Agency #155, and all other LPA across NC, thank you for your important votes in our favor of SB305.

Your support is invaluable and is greatly appreciated. Fair compensation is key to keeping our agencies open, running adequately staffed, efficiently, and providing customer service to our residents. Although we may be a small employer of only a few jobs, those jobs are essential to our economy and to the employees that hold them.

Again thank you for your support.


Cindy H.
Angier, NC


I can't thank you enough for... meeting on short notice. Thank you for the good information that was provided. I will make myself available for any additional meetings or information session with others. I look forward to working with you more... [y]ou have warmed my heart today and in meeting you I feel much better!

P. James
Fuquay-Varina, NC



Thanks so much for your recent visit... It was so nice of you to [stop by]... my wife and I do appreciate your
thoughtfulness. You will continue to have our support.


Bill C.
Dunn, NC

Thanks Mark. As always, [Rep. Lewis' office] is responsive to your constituents even in the "little" towns. Thank David for me. Thanks again

Donald M.
Dunn, NC


That is great news!!..Thank you for your hard work. I can't get politicians in my own district to work as hard as you. You genuinely care about everyone in North Carolina. Not just your district!!  Again, thank you.

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