I am humbled to be trusted with the opportunity to represent the fine people of Harnett County once again in the North Carolina House. I cherish the support of my friends and family and value the hopes, dreams and goals of all my constituents. Over the past couple years, North Carolina experienced tremendous economic growth and opportunity. The election last week acted as a referendum on the policies pursued and passed by the General Assembly and because of that it is my goal to advocate for more policies that will continue to create an environment for more jobs, lower taxes on hard working families and businesses and that will create more opportunity so our citizens can reach their full potential.

I know we will do this. I know we will continue to make North Carolina the destination of choice for individuals, families and businesses when looking to relocate. Our State's intangibles provide us with resources, destinations, and assets that other states can only dream of. It is my goal and mission to continue advocating for more jobs, lower taxes and greater opportunity.


More specifically, allow me to expand upon my priorities. My first priority is to continue to support tax reform that broadens the base on which taxes are paid so we can reduce taxes to the lowest possible rate. A broad tax base will produce a more simplified tax code; one that is less prone to preferential treatment. In a changing economy, we must not penalize the ability to earn or invest money. My second priority is to support policies that allow our children to develop to their God given potential in our schools. This can be accomplished by advocating for educational opportunities and classroom settings that work for and challenge the child, not just continue to feed a broken system. Another facet of this is encouraging adequate workforce training for those individuals wanting to get back on their feet after difficult times or for individuals who choose to pursue something other than a four year degree. Additionally, we must take care of those who have so selflessly fought for us so that they can successfully transition back into civilian life with the necessary training and qualifications to flourish in our great county. This also means providing programs, treatment and resources that assist the veteran as well as their families. My last priority in office has been and will continue to be getting government out of the way of our citizens so they can work, live and raise their families in an environment that encourages innovation, economic growth and eliminates unnecessary regulatory burden. Simply put, I will advocate for policies that increase economic and educational opportunities and in turn allow our citizens to develop to their God given potential.

I cannot begin to adequately convey the honor it is to serve Harnett County over the past 12 years, and how much I look forward to serving you diligently once again. I consider it the greatest opportunity ever placed before me.

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