The 765? Lets Continue to Investigate Them

Raleigh, NC- Recent findings by the North Carolina State Board of Elections have sparked widespread debate about the integrity of the voter rolls and elections process in North Carolina. The findings, revealed from participation in a cross state consortium, that 765 voters with the same first and last name, date of birth, and last four digits of their social security number were registered in North Carolina and at least one other state and had cast ballots in both states in 2012. The larger number uncovered that over 35,000 voters were found to have the same first and last  name and date of birth that were registered in North Carolina and at least one other state. The goal all along has been to clean the voter rolls to reflect those active voters who reside in North Carolina in order to maintain the integrity of our election system.

Bob Hall of Democracy North Carolina released a report with concern about the nature of the investigation ongoing at the State Board of Elections. We echo the concerns that our voter rolls need common sense, 21st century solutions to keep them up to date and accurate. The report goes to show that we need to take a closer look at the data found by the Board of Elections in order to secure the integrity of our voting system. Solutions like cleaning the voter rolls as well as requiring the presentation of photo ID at the polls will verify an individual’s identity so that each person’s vote will count once, and that those will cumulatively determine the winners and losers of elections.

We believe that the solutions passed through legislation last session will improve and update our outdated elections procedures. We welcome solutions from Democracy NC to ensure the integrity of our elections process for example: more poll worker training, electronic poll books and closer verification of signatures on the election forms. Implementing the voter ID law will be done in a manner that ensures access to a state approved identification at no cost to the individual and is not fully required until the 2016 elections. This is only part of the process and we applaud Mr. Hall for championing the effort continuing to address potential double voting in North Carolina.

Rep. David Lewis is in his sixth term of the North Carolina House of Representatives and is the Chairman of the House Elections Committee and Chairman of the Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee, the committee responsible for reviewing the findings of duplication in North Carolina’s voter rolls over the interim.

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