Thank You


Happy Thanksgiving! As I reflect over the past year, I have much to be thankful for. 

I'm amazed at the support and generosity of the people of Harnett County, House District 53. 

Serving you is one of the greatest honors I'll ever have. I am so grateful for the confidence and support each of you give to me each day. My wife and my children sacrifice so much to allow me to serve. I am forever grateful to them. 

I've had the privilege of working with quite a few dedicated workers and volunteers over the past several months. Their sacrifice and perseverance is remarkable. I admire them greatly. 

I cannot wait to get back to work in Raleigh for you! I want to continue to fight for more jobs for Harnett County workers, lower taxes for our citizens, and less regulatory burden for our businesses. I believe in responsible government and conservative budgeting. I'll fight to see that your values are represented in Raleigh. Government works best when it listens to the people. I vow to listen and fight for you. I promise to do my best to represent you with each vote I take. 

North Carolina is a great place to live. Harnett County my home. I want to represent you so that my children, your children, and the next generation have the ability to thrive and enjoy all this great state has to offer. Let's get back to work.


David Lewis

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