Speaker Announces Interim Committee Assignments

Rep. David R. Lewis (R-Harnett) was appointed by Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) to the following interim committees:

Legislative Research Commission Chairman

Shall, at direction of either house of General Assembly, make or cause to be made studies, investigations into government agencies and institutions and matters of public policy, and to report to General Assembly the findings of such studies.

Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee Chairman

Shall examine election administration and campaign finance regulation in State, and in other states, in order to make ongoing recommendations to General Assembly on improvements.

Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee Advisory Member

Shall examine, on continuing basis, the several educational institutions in North Carolina, in order to make recommendations to the GA on ways to improve public education from kindergarten through higher education.

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on General Government Advisory Members

Shall examine on a continuing basis the services provided by the departments and agencies set out in this subsection in order to make ongoing recommendations to the General Assembly on ways to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of State government services.

Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations Member

Conduct evaluative studies of the programs, policies, practices and procedures of the various departments, agencies, and institutions of State government, and be consulted by the Governor before carrying out certain budgetary/fiscal acts.

Revenue Laws Study Committee Member

Study revenue laws and their administration; determine need for clarification, technical amendment, or repeal to make laws concise, intelligible, and equitable.

“I am excited to get to work again for the people of Harnett County and North Carolina. I am also honored to be trusted with this responsibility,” said Rep. David Lewis. “The interim is a time where we can study important issues facing our state and develop thoughtful courses of action on how to address them. I am especially excited to work with my colleagues to continue our work on tax relief and economic development initiatives for North Carolinians.”

Rep. David Lewis is serving his seventh term in the North Carolina House.

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