Senate Bill 815: Protecting our Students

Senate Bill 815: Protecting our Students

Governor McCrory signed Senate Bill 815 into law to protect the privacy of student data. Besides ensuring the security of student educational records it provides more transparency by requiring local boards of education to provide notice on parental rights and opt-out opportunities regarding student records and survey participation.

This bill will prohibit schools from storing any biometric information, political affiliation, religion, and voting history in their student data system. Other provisions include prohibiting transfers of personally identifiable student data unless allowed by law.

“We came to Raleigh with the purpose to provide transparency in government while protecting the rights of North Carolinians, and this law will prevent our students from being subjected to sensitive data sharing.” “We also know that developing security and privacy plans is a proactive measure that is vital during this age of rapidly spreading information.”

The bill originated from a recommendation of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology. Senators Barefoot, Brock, and Soucek sponsored the bill.

The House and Senate will continue addressing privacy issues as we become a more technologically advanced state. While we welcome the innovation and efficiency new technology and systems bring, we must also keep the rights of our constituents a priority.

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