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Interested in winning $500 for your classroom?® is looking for the best lesson plans for teaching students about energy or sustainability. We teach consumers of all ages about the many aspects of energy in our Learning Center through blog posts, videos and infographics. Plus, our Nico the Ninja guides help teach kids about electrical safety and energy savings.

Now it's your turn to create a lesson plan for our second annual Teacher Grant that can help kids learn about energy. We encourage lesson plans that vary in scope and topic, and you're welcome to cite any helpful information you find on the Learning Center. All lessons must check off every requirement on the list below to be considered.

  • Encompass energy and/or sustainability knowledge.
  • Be appropriate for a grade level from kindergarten through eighth grade.
  • Include goals and how you plan to measure students’ understanding.
  • Include a fully detailed description of the lesson plan, handouts, etc., with a list of all materials needed.
  • Be created by one teacher without use of existing prepared educational materials outside of those available on
  • Encourage student development through participation opportunities.

Explore lesson plans from our 2015 Teacher Grant winners

Every school subject can apply to energy in one way or another. We highly encourage teachers of all subjects to participate in our grant opportunity. There are plenty of ways to think outside of the box when developing a lesson plan. Create an energy-savings song with your music class, develop an energy-related art project or incorporate energy in a math equation. The more creative, the better!

To get an idea of what we look for in a winning lesson plan, check out the following 2015 recipients of the Teacher Grant.

Next steps for Teacher Grant winners will award six $500 grants, in the form of Visa Reward Cards, to be used toward classroom materials and activities. Winners' lesson plans will be featured on for other teachers to use as resources for their classrooms.

Prizes will be awarded to current teachers who submit energy-related lesson plans. Teachers who have already submitted a lesson to our previous grant opportunity are eligible for the second annual Teacher Grant if they submit an entirely new lesson plan. Winnings must be used toward the materials needed to successfully teach the lesson plan and provide new educational materials to students to enhance the quality of learning.

How to enter your lesson plan

  1. Include all materials within one document.
  2. Fill out the online form with the following information:

Your name, your school’s name and address, your e-mail address, the expected time needed to teach the lesson, the appropriate grade level and a list of all materials needed for the lesson.

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