Lewis Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection to National Committeeman Position in 2016


Touts North Carolina Record since 2008

Dunn, NC: Rep. David Lewis, a seasoned Republican party activist and RNC National Committeeman first elected in 2008, will not seek reelection to the Committeeman post in 2016. Rep. David Lewis began his service to the Republican Party as a precinct chairman in his community and rose to become one of three North Carolina voting members of the Republican National Committee.

Lewis said the following on the announcement:

“It has been my honor and pleasure to serve North Carolina as the RNC National Committeeman since 2008. North Carolina has come very far since then, and my personal life has changed even more. I have decided not run for reelection for National Committeeman because I have seen the great strides we have made as a state and rest confident in knowing we are on the right path.”

Since 2008, Republicans across North Carolina have banded together to elect conservatives and enact reforms that have positioned North Carolina as an economic leader not only in the southeast but in the nation as well. After electing a GOP majority in the North Carolina Senate for the first time since 1898, winning a GOP majority in the House, and electing a Republican Governor, North Carolina cut taxes by over $2.7 billion, righted the state's fiscal health by prudent and conservative budgeting, and began to fix the Medicaid system through bottom up, patient centered reforms.

Lewis said the following on his service:

“In my personal life many things have also changed. I am blessed to have two teenage boys, and a preteen daughter who fill my life with continued joy and are a constant reminder of the many blessings I have. My beautiful wife is pursuing her master of counseling degree in order to better serve our community. My mother passed away just last year, and shortly before that my dad, who was also my business partner, passed away. To say it has been a challenging season of life is to put it lightly--but my faith in God and resolve in conservative ideals have not withered.”

Lewis spoke on his career moving forward:

“Moreover, these circumstances have not changed my desire to serve the people of North Carolina and the people of Harnett County in the North Carolina House of Representatives. I will continue to serve and fight for the hard working families in North Carolina by advocating for organic economic growth, quality education that is focused on the child, healthcare that preserves the doctor-patient relationship, and the preservation of freedom from government interference. I am blessed beyond measure to be where I am today, hope that conservative ideals will prevail during this divisive time, and pray for continued prosperity here at home in North Carolina.”

 David Lewis, a farmer and farm equipment dealer from Dunn, NC continues to serve Harnett County in the North Carolina House. 


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