Response to Coal Ash Spill

In response to the recent coal ash spill, Representative Lewis would like to ensure everyone that he realizes the urgency of the response and the importance of the issue moving forward.  With that in mind, Rep. Lewis will work tirelessly with the leaders in both the House and the Senate to develop a plan going forward that ensures a safer coal ash disposal process across the state.  Rep. Lewis feels confident that during the upcoming legislative session work will be done to protect the integrity of the North Carolina’s waterways.

“The damage to the ecosystem as a result of the coal ash spill on the Dan River is both devastating and intolerable.  I fully recognize the  need for the legislature to act in whatever means possible to ensure we prevent another catastrophe like this adversely affecting our fragile environment,” stated Rep. Lewis.

Finally, Rep. Lewis is committed to protecting North Carolina’s natural resources, including our water supply, and will fully support a thorough evaluation regarding the best way to address the storage of coal ash. We must take the necessary steps so that a disaster like what happened on the Dan River does not happen again, to the extent possible.

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