Lewis Remembers Needs of Families

To the editor: 

There are big differences between the North Carolina House and Senate when it comes to the budget. It’s a good time to examine the leadership of our own Rep. David Lewis from Harnett County.

As chairman of the Rules Committee, Rep. Lewis plays a major role in controlling the progress of legislation through the House. He is also on the Finance Committee, where he helps shape tax policy. It’s good to see that Rep. Lewis retains the common sense he has displayed for more than a decade in the Legislature.

The budget and tax plan that he helped pass will create jobs and economic development while protecting working taxpayers. One of his most
 important accomplishments was his continued protection of the mortgage interest tax deduction. Unfortunately, the Senate budget would significantly reduce this vital deduction for working families.

The House has also passed property insurance reform that is great for consumers. I applaud Rep. Lewis for his role in making sure the House unanimously passed the Property Insurance Fairness Act.

Having a representative who thinks about the needs of families is a benefit to our area and our state.

Lucia C. Turlington 


The writer is president of the Harnett Area Board of Realtors. 


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