Lewis Files for Reelection

Lillington, NC-  Today, State House Representative David Lewis of Dunn, NC announced his bid for re-election by filing at the Harnett County Board of Elections. "With the encouragement from family, friends and supporters, I have decided to seek a seventh term in the North Carolina House of Representatives," remarked and enthusiastic Lewis.  Representative Lewis was the lead negotiator for the House during last year's historic tax reform legislation.  As a result of Rep. Lewis tireless dedication to improving the lives of each and every hard working North Carolinian, the first step in comprehensive tax reform was taken.  The legislation will reduce the tax burden on all families across the state, brought fairness to the tax code by reducing loopholes, and introduced simplicity to an outdated tax code that remained unchanged for nearly nine decades.


Lewis is currently serving his sixth term in the House and had this to say about his campaign: “I am proud of the work we have been able to accomplish so far here in North Carolina; however, we recognize there is still much more to be done. The people of Harnett County have entrusted me with a great responsibility and I will continue do my best to represent and advocate for each and every one of them.  North Carolina is second to none and I know that with a continued focus on eliminating burdensome regulations, continuing the work on ensuring the tax code and fair and simple, and making education work for the students we can ensure that North Carolina remains the preeminent place for hard working families to raise their children.”


Representative Lewis is currently the Chairman of the House Finance and Elections Committees where legislation like Tax Reform and Voter ID originated.


Representative Lewis also remarked: “North Carolina’s future is bright. Our unemployment rate continues to decline as more jobs are created both in Harnett County as well as across the state. Business and families will now see more disposable income in their pockets as a result of the hard work and dedication by the Republican led legislature in both 2011 and 2013 tax reform measures. Furthermore, we are instilling a desire for innovation and efficiency within state government. Most of all, I see it as my duty to get government out of the way and allow each human to reach their God given potential.”

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