Lewis ranks as top business friendly lawmaker for all 170 legislators

The N.C. Free Enterprise Foundation, a foundation and business-backed political research organization, ranked senators and House members based on 14 votes on business-related bills that occurred in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

The 2013 Business Ratings provide an analysis of the actions and attitudes of state lawmakers toward business-related issues during the 2013 Legislative Session. The ratings are derived from the voting records of state lawmakers on key business issues along with a confidential survey of 400 North Carolina business leaders and government affairs professionals representing a wide range of industries, interests and geographic areas across the state. 

"North Carolina's business community is the engine that drives our state's economy and provides jobs for our working families," said John L. Rustin, Executive Director of the North Carolina FreeEnterprise Foundation.

"We thank all of the business leaders who participated in this important evaluation, and we congratulate the members of the North Carolina General Assembly who demonstrated a consistent commitment to our state's business community and the principals of the free enterprise system," said Jay Rouse, Director of Government Affairs for the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the North Carolina FreeEnterprise Foundation

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