Lewis Named Rules Chairman

Raleigh, NC- Despite the weather conditions outside, the North Carolina General Assembly gaveled in the start the 2015 long session with 20 new members of the House of Representatives. With the first order of business to start the session, the House elected Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) Speaker to preside over the chamber for the next two years. During the organizational session, the temporary House rules were approved that will govern how the House will operate this session. Upon his successful bid, Speaker Moore named Rep. David Lewis to serve as the Chairman of the Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House Committee-considered to be a very influential position in the House.



Rep. Lewis, serving his seventh term in the House, is believed to be the first Rules Chairman from Harnett County.  Historically, the Rules Chairman is one of the lead negotiators for the House when dealing with the Senate and the Executive branch.

“I am thrilled to represent the people of Harnett County in this new capacity. I am humbled by their continued support over the last 12 years and will remain serving them with the same passion that I have since I came to Raleigh. As a farmer and a businessman, I will work to ensure rural values are heard in Raleigh and advocate on their behalf,” Lewis said on serving in the new role under the Speaker.


Lewis also said this about moving forward under new leadership, “I know we will continue to make North Carolina the destination of choice for individuals, families and businesses when looking to relocate. Our State's intangibles provide us with resources, destinations, and assets that other states can only dream of. It is my desire and intent to continue advocating for more jobs, lower taxes and greater opportunity.”


Rep. Lewis is serving his seventh term in the North Carolina House and has been named as the Chairman of the Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House Committee.

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