Let's Play to 10

As it appears in the Dunn Daily Record on March 24, 2016 By DAVID LEWIS I love basketball. My kids love basketball. My kids love to PLAY basketball.I’ve watched them agree that “first one to 10 points wins” many times.You know, sometimes, even if one of them gets off to an early lead, say 5 to 1 or so, they can both step up their defense and, while playing great ball, the score doesn’t change and certainly doesn’t get to 10. Read more

Committee Evaluates Impact of Abuse Deterrent Opioid Analgesics

Raleigh, NC- The House Select Committee on Step Therapy met for its third meeting today to discuss the impact, effectiveness, and prevalence of abuse deterrent opioid analgesics. The Committee met two times prior to March 23 to consider fail-first policies, better known as step therapy, that are sometimes required by insurers to gain access to drugs prescribed by doctors. While studying step therapy protocols, the Committee was also tasked with looking at the impact step therapy has on access to abuse-deterrent opioid analgesics. The Committee will meet once more to debrief on both topics. Read more

Lewis Announces Key Endorsements in Primary

Dunn, NC- Representative David R. Lewis was once again endorsed by the National Rifle Association-Political Victory Fund and the North Carolina Right to Life Political Action Committee. These endorsements come just before the March 15th primary, where voters will have a vital say in the nomination of presidential candidates. Read more

New TV Ad: "Sleeves"

FOCUS Resources Podcast with Lea Strickland

I had the great opportunity of talking with a recognized business expert, Lea Strickland of FOCUS Resources, on the business climate in North Carolina.  Check out the program here.

State Wraps Up Case Against Far-Left Interest Groups Trying to Derail Voter ID

Late Monday, the state concluded its defense of North Carolina’s hugely popular photo voter ID requirement against one of several frivolous lawsuits filed by political opponents of the law. Read more

Conservative Approach beats playing politics with teacher salaries

In recent education discussions, some have helped illustrate a fundamental difference between conservative governance and tax-and-spend liberals. A comment recently made that the state of North Carolina should immediately implement a 10 percent raise for educators is just like Bernie Sanders saying no one needs to pay for college. Neither is practicable.   Read more

Lewis Announces Key Campaign Hire

Rep. David R. Lewis announced today that Greg Gebhardt, a former policy advisor in Raleigh, will lead his reelection efforts as Campaign Director in Harnett County. Along with this key hire, Rep. Lewis is also honored to be hosting a grand opening of his campaign office to kick off the election cycle on Wednesday February 3rd at 10am.  Read more

Rep. Lewis Supporting the Regulation Freedom Amendment

On this day, 229 years ago, farmers took action against a federal government forcing taxation and judgements for debt. Shays' Rebellion, as it is known now, is an example of the peoples' discontent with government intruding on liberty and freedom.  Regulation can kill businesses. There is no reason that a bloated bureaucracy should have absolute free reign to write regulation after regulation. This is not what our founding fathers intended.  Read more

Federal Court Upholds Photo ID

  Raleigh, N.C. – Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee Co-Chairmen Rep. David Lewis (R-Harnett) and Sen. Bob Rucho (R-Mecklenburg) issued the following joint statement Friday after a federal judge upheld the state’s hugely popular photo voter ID requirement for the upcoming primary election: “We appreciate the court’s thoughtful opinion, which not only rejects the plaintiffs’ desperate, partisan attempts to block a commonsense photo ID requirement just weeks before early voting is set to begin, but also validates the state’s comprehensive two-year effort to educate all North Carolinians about the new law. “Like the overwhelming majority of North Carolinians who support photo ID, we are pleased voters will have this reasonable requirement in place for the March primary to help preserve the integrity of their elections." Read more

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