Connect NC: the House Bond Proposal

The House Bond Proposal is a plan invest in North Carolina's future in a proactive and fiscally conservative manner. Planning ahead for our future is a key Republican principle that leaders in the Executive branch, House and Senate all agree on.

The House plan works off the themes of the Governor's proposal, but further enhanced and developed the concepts in that plan.

Attached are a few pictures explaining just what is in the House Bond Proposal:



Slide4.JPGOur final Project List accomplishes the following:

  1. Extends the life of the State’s useful assets.
  2. Ensures that financing aligns with the asset lifespan.
  3. Focuses on areas that will boost State’s economic activity.
  4. Prioritizes projects that partner with industry and university.

Projects include:

$200,000,000 for Capital Repair and Renovations

$1,689,550,329 for Education

$24,250,000 for the NC Zoo

$10,000,000 for Matching Local Parks Grant Fund for Disabled Children and Veterans

$ 100,000,000 for State Parks

$75,000,000 for Clean Water and Sewer Projects

$ 46,725,000 for Public Safety

$92,751,623 for the National Guard

$195,000,000 for Agriculture Partnerships, Projects

$10,800,000 to the Department Of Cultural Resources

$400,000,000 for Transportation

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