House Applauds $400 Million Budget Surplus

In five years of Republican leadership, our State has moved from a $2 billion dollar deficit to providing annual increases in educational funding, providing raises for teachers and state employees, and providing tax relief for working families.

 Our economy is growing. More North Carolinians went to work this morning than at any time in our State’s history. We’ve repaid a $2.7 billion dollar loan and reformed our unemployment system to help our citizens get back to work. Prudent, responsible budgeting has allowed us to invest in critical State services, and we will continue to practice conservative governance. It is under these policies that North Carolina has begun to flourish.

The lower, flat personal income tax rate has spurred economic growth and job creation that in-turn has provided North Carolina with a budget surplus. It is important to note that the revenue surplus, while welcome, still ensures more money in the pockets of working families than before our comprehensive tax reform. We are in good standing to continue, along with our colleagues in the Senate, addressing ways to reduce the tax burden working families feel across North Carolina.

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