Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act, has caused many problems on the state level. It is no longer just a federal issue. The program Congress enacted in 2010 that was thousands of pages long has not turned out to be a program that lowers costs and expands care. North Carolinians are feeling the affects of rising insurances costs and plan cancellations. It is vital that we work hard to stop the cost of healthcare from spiraling out of control by looking at market-based alternatives.

I believe we must pass medical malpractice reform because frivolous lawsuits and skyrocketing jury awards are driving up the cost of health insurance for Harnett County families. We must continue to fight to reign in these lawsuits and get our insurance costs under control.

I believe the state must fully fund county Medicaid services in order to sustain the program. Many citizens in Harnett County rely on Medicaid for needed healthcare services. As your Representative, I will make certain that funds intended for Medicaid are used for Medicaid. I also support community based medicaid management that will serve the needs of those most in need of medical assistance.

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