Facts About the House Bill 2 Reset


Facts About the House Bill 2 Reset: 

House Bill 142 strengthens state law on shower and locker room protections with an outright preemption on regulation of access to multiple occupancy facilities by local governments.

No local government – cities or counties – may create any additional category of non-discrimination or pass any regulation of restrooms, shower facilities, public accommodations or employment.

House Bill 142 ensures that persons of the opposite sex cannot go into designated multi-occupancy restrooms, showers and changing rooms by preempting local governments to preserve the authority of North Carolina criminal law on trespassing, indecent exposure and peeping.

Criminal Laws that Apply:

Second Degree Trespassing Law in North Carolina – G.S. 14-159

Indecent Exposure in North Carolina- G.S. 14-190.9

Peeping in North Carolina G.S. 14-202

House Bill 142 is a commitment to the people of North Carolina that bathroom policies cannot be regulated by local governments, taking the issue off the table and empowering state criminal law to apply and protect vulnerable citizens like children in the privacy of showers, restrooms and changing facilities.

Women and children will not ever have to feel vulnerable in public facilities because House Bill 142’s preemption of local government regulations ensure North Carolina criminal law protects them. 

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  • Lexie Byrd
    commented 2017-09-14 09:06:11 -0400
    Why shouldn’t local schools or colleges be allowed to exercise their own judgement or discretion regarding who gets to use their bathrooms or locker rooms? Isn’t that what the principle of subsidiarity is all about? The legislature is arrogating to itself a power it should not have, and doing so in a way that deserves the condemnation of the civilized world.

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