Efforts to Fill Rhodes Pond Set in Motion

In June 2013, large amounts of rainfall from Tropical Storm Andrea caused water levels to overtop the dam on Rhodes Pond. The resulting erosion led to the “high hazard” classification of the dam by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC). To minimize environmental impact, Rhodes Pond was drained; efforts to remediate the dam began immediately and continue to this day.

“We are committed to ensuring that Rhodes Pond will be open, safe, and functional,” said Representative David Lewis (R-Harnett). “Our primary objective is to make sure that the dam cannot be overtopped again, and that people from across our county and state can enjoy the natural scenery and wildlife Rhodes Pond has to offer. I am confident that the work NCWRC, Representative Szoka, and myself are engaged in will resolve the issue in a timely manner.”

Representative Szoka (R-Cumberland) said “Rhodes Pond is an integral part of our state’s environment – making sure it is protected against hazardous waste water is a top priority of mine. If we fix the dam now, and fix it properly, we can guarantee the beauty of Rhodes pond for generations to come. There is no doubt in my mind that the efforts put forth by NCWRC, Representative Lewis and I will come to fruition soon, and Rhodes Pond will be back up and running.”

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