Education is a fundamental necessity to developing individual potential. As a father of three beautiful children and as a committed leader, providing quality education for Harnett County is a top priority of mine. I believe that teachers need to be free to teach their students without excessive, burdensome paperwork and needless regulations. Education is about teaching children and helping them learn the skills that will propel them far in life.

-I support directing sufficient resources to the class room to make sure our teachers have what they need to help kids.
-I support recruiting bonuses for hard to find positions such as math and science. I also support additional bonus pay for teachers that will teach in schools deemed to be struggling to meet the student’s needs.
-I support increased pay for those educators with advanced degrees and will fight to ensure that incentive is restored—we should be encouraging better educated teachers in the classroom.
-I support merit pay for teachers and all state employees who do their jobs better than their peers.

School choice is vital to the success of our children. Children learn in different settings and at different paces, and we should not hamstring our children by a one size fits all solution. The solution includes traditional public schools, public charter schools, homeschooling and even school choice through opportunity scholarships and parental choice. 

Further, I support education policy that emphasizes reading, math and science and raises the standardized test scores of our children. We must also ensure our graduation rates continue to rise while our drop-out rates fall. Finally, I consistently fight for worker retraining programs and want to be sure all Harnett County citizens have the ability to access well-paying jobs and aren’t held back by a lack of knowledge, skill or experience.

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