Lewis Responds to "cursory" and unworkable court opinion

Raleigh, NC: Today, the United States Supreme Court released an opinion that vacated in the District Court’s remedial order in Covington v. North Carolina and remanded the case back to the District Court for further proceedings consistent with their opinion. The opinion by the high court noted that the remedial order “should be vacated for the simple reason that the district court failed to meaningfully weigh any equitable considerations,” and “addressed the balance of equities in only the most cursory fashion.”

The Supreme Court went on to say that they did not have the confidence that the District Court “adequately grappled with interest on both sides” of the issue and further said that the Court’s “discretion was barely exercised.”

Rep. Lewis released the following statement:

“The High Court’s rejection of such a cursory opinion, which was at odds with judicial restraint, only begins to echo the concern I have with the nature of the continued politicization of the judiciary. Among other concerns, the Supreme Court noted that the District Court’s opinion failed to meaningfully weigh equitable considerations, didn’t take into account what would be a workable solution, failed to act with proper judicial restraint, and penned an opinion that was clearly at odds with the court’s demand for careful analysis. I continue to have great concern with the actions of the Courts and look forward to a more workable and reasonable solution that protects the constitutional rights of North Carolina voters.”

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