Crossover Week in Raleigh


Its been a long week in Raleigh. Finally back home on the farm. This week was crossover week. Any bills that do not impact the state budget/finances must pass one chamber in order to receive consideration in the other. 

With that being said, we've had some late nights. Just a few topics we covered:

-Elevating Education package: placing more emphasis on personalized digital learning, establishing a recruitment and scholarship program to attract and retain high quality teachers, trying to improve principal preparation across North Carolina (HB 660, HB 661, HB 902)

-School Calendar Flexibility (HB 164)

-Restoring Proper Justice Act (HB 774): Pathway to reestablishing capital punishment.

-Step Therapy (HB 821)- Addressing a serious healthcare issue that can get between the relationship you and your doctor have.
-Regulatory Reform

-Protecting the Second Amendment (HB 562): We plan to have further discussions on this in the coming weeks.

We'll be back next week when conversation on the budget begin.

Let me know if you have any concerns or questions.


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