Three Judge Panel Rules Congressional Maps Constitutional

Late Thursday, the federal court three judge panel based in Greensboro upheld the 2016 Contingent Congressional Plan passed into law in February by the General Assembly. After adopting criteria based on public comment and input, the General Assembly harmonized factors to draw a map that splits far fewer precincts and counties than any time in recent history. This fair, legal, and compact map is now in officially in place for the June 7th congressional primary election.

The court rejected the plaintiffs’ objections to the plan, “on the grounds that they failed to state with specificity the factual and legal basis for the objection” and “failed to provide the court with a ‘suitable standard’.”

Rep. Lewis and Sen. Rucho, chairs of the Redistricting Committees in their respective chambers, had this to say about the ruling:

“We are pleased to see that once again our maps have been upheld as fair, legal, and constitutional. North Carolinians will now have the chance to have their votes counted with confidence during the June 7th congressional primary.”

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