Budget Includes Pay Raises, Efficient Spending

The House unveiled a $21 billion budget proposal raising teacher and state employee salaries. This was accomplished through responsible budgeting measures and action on the part of the General Assembly over the past several years-specifically by improving North Carolina’s unemployment rate and fixing a $2.5 billion budget deficit. The House proposal includes:

• Teacher starting salaries will begin at $33,000 per year

• Average 5% salary increase for teachers

• $1000 salary increase to most state employees

• Restores step pay for eligible State Troopers

• Restores Master’s and higher degree supplements for educators

• Full funding for K-3 teaching assistant positions

• Funding for Closing the Skills Gap Initiative in Community Colleges

• Establishes a $117.8 million State Risk Reserve for Medicaid

• Additional funding for Pre-K and mental health crisis centers

• Provides $1.8 million and 25 positions for coal ash management

• Supports entrepreneurship through The Support Center and One North Carolina Small Business Program

• Streamlines all law enforcement agencies under the Department of Public Safety and saves $1 million

• Continues to support North Carolina government efficiency and innovation through funding the Information Technology Fund

• Improves the ability for NC to provide safe and reliable roads to its citizens

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