House Passes Budget that Cuts Taxes & Raises State Employee Pay

Raleigh, NC: Today, the North Carolina House debates a budget that focuses on returning tax dollars to the hard working families of our state while at the same time continues to invest in the rainy day fund to ensure future financial stability. In 2011, North Carolina Republicans promised a new day for North Carolina after inheriting a $2.5 Billion budget deficit. Pragmatic, conservative policies have helped foster a growing economy and have created an environment of economic prosperity for all North Carolinians.  

The budget is a common sense approach to funding our priorities, including:

  • Eliminating most the Pre-K waiting list.
  • Reaffirming our dedication to teachers by providing significant pay raises.
  • Providing pay increases for our state employees and retirees in addition to a permanent cost of living adjustment.
  • Funding critical bridge preservation and management of roads, as well as improving our current infrastructure to ensure continued economic development.
  • Allocating funds to implement an overdue task force on opioid abuse.
  • Provides 2 additional Assistant District Attorneys to Harnett and Lee counties, a prosecutorial district that has been historically under-staffed due to an increased work load.
  • Provides $100,000 in additional funds to the Harnett County School Board for the establishment of the Harnett County Early College.
  • Provides $50,000 to the Town of Erwin for the Erwin Depot Revitalization Project.
  • Provides $50,000 to the Town of Coats for a Public Works Building Project.
  • Provides $3 million for additional inpatient beds at Good Hope Hospital
    • Good Hope Hospital is at current capacity and additional funds to the hospital will allow more inpatient beds to be established.

“Our budget supports successful government investment strategies that have contributed to revenue surpluses, increased rainy day reserves, and continued economic growth,” said Representative David Lewis, adding, “I am truly excited about the direction we are going and the improvements we are making as North Carolina continues on the path to prosperity.”

“Harnett County citizens will benefit from continued tax relief that allows folks to earn more money tax free, and from several provisions that invest more funds into Harnett County infrastructure. Our County will be able to care for more patients at Good Hope Hospital, our Early College program will continue to grow, and our students will be more prepared than ever to thrive in the workforce or in college.”

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