The people of Harnett County have entrusted me with a great responsibility over the last several years. I am honored to serve such a great community and would consider it a great opportunity be to an advocate for you, both in Raleigh and here, once again. I have filed for reelection to House District 53.

I think we have made great strides towards reducing taxes, expanding educational freedom and creating a climate for economic growth over the past several years.
Fiscal conservatism works. We are boldly moving towards a tax code that is better for families, individuals, and businesses. Good governing requires tough choices, and tax reform helped produce a $500 million revenue surplus for the state this year.

It is my goal, and the goal of the General Assembly, to reduce the tax burden for working families, and allow the people of North Carolina to live and work in a vibrant economic climate.

For years, the education system was ripe with inefficiencies and bureaucracy. Prudent budgeting has allowed the state to raise starting teacher pay to $35,000 a year after implementing one the largest teacher pay raises in North Carolina’s history in 2014. The state has also focused on encouraging school choice by providing opportunity scholarships for low income students.

Education should be about the child. It should be about in which setting the child learns best and how we can help each child reach their God given potential. This is why reforms like opportunity scholarships that help low income families educate their child in a different setting are so vital to our success as a state.

It has been and continues to be our goal to commit to educational excellence and professionalism in the classroom.
The General Assembly took major steps to reform a broken Medicaid system this year. The critical program that millions of needy individuals rely on became too costly and complex for states to effectively manage.
Healthcare comes down to making decisions between us and our doctors, without interference from bureaucrats. The state’s most disadvantaged deserve efficient health care programs that will continue to provide essential services. I value quality of care, access, patient satisfaction, and efficiency in healthcare, so that’s what I’m going to fight for.
I humbly ask for the vote of the good people in District 53. There is more work to be done.

We can all create a better life for North Carolinians where they can thrive through a lower tax burden, less government spending, and more educational freedom.

I have great hope for the people of North Carolina as we continue towards prosperity.








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