2015 House Budget Highlights

With a lot of hard work, by a lot of people – the House has rolled out a Budget that we feel responsibly invests in North Carolina’s future, and continues us on this path to prosperity. 

We are a dynamic state, a growing state – House leadership has made a commitment to the people of North Carolina to provide them access to good paying jobs, to quality education, to a fair legal system, and a responsible and efficient government.

Prudent, responsible budgeting has already allowed us to expect a $400 million dollar surplus and pay off our recession debt, while still investing in critical state services. 

A few highlights of the House budget include:

  • Across the board teacher raises.
    • As we began this journey, we were always committed to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest.
    • We’re raising the bar for starting teacher salary from $33,000/yr to $35,000/year – a 6% increase.
    • Every teacher in North Carolina will receive a raise.
    • This pay raise puts us in the top half, nationally, for starting teacher pay, and in the forefront, regionally.
    • Overdue raises for our highway patrol and correctional officers - We are proud to reward the dedication and service of highway patrol members and prison guards. Nearly $60 million has been dedicated to raising salaries for our state troopers and others in the state’s public safety realm.
    • Substantial money into savings reserves, repairs, and innovation. This is conservative responsible governing.
  • While tax reform and regulatory reform have helped, this budget’s Economic Development Tools will make North Carolina more competitive than ever. As long as our neighboring States provide these tools, we must keep pace to bring good-paying jobs to the people of North Carolina.
  • The NC House budget responses to the call from the Chief Justice to help modernize our Courts. Over the biennium, the $18 million investment in technology will improve workflow processes for clerks & DAs and start funding e-filing and move us toward e-courts. Much needed operational funding is restored for juries, witnesses, and expert testimony so that no session of court has to be cancelled. Lastly, clerks and magistrates receive a much needed 1 step increase and judicial branch employees will all get a 2% raise.

This is THE BUDGET that we believe will help spur economic growth that will bring jobs to the State, raise our education standards, support our arts, modernize our courts - all while maintaining a responsible funding. 

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  • Brenda Queen-page
    commented 2015-05-21 16:16:44 -0400
    Great job Rep. David R. Lewis. Thank you.

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