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I believe that North Carolina should be a land of opportunity where everyone can reach their God given potential. This is best realized by advocating for entrepreneurship, supporting small businesses, and reducing regulatory and tax burdens in order to grow our economy. Small businesses are the economic drivers of this state, which means that hiring employees should be an easy and seamless process. Making North Carolina business friendly means reducing regulations and taxation that cause unpredictability in the market. While North Carolina boasts some of the most attractive and growth ready population centers in the United States, we must continue our recent strides to increase economic opportunity. A focus on achieving business friendly legislation coupled with investment in education will result in a healthy and vibrant North Carolina.


Education is a fundamental necessity to developing individual potential. As a father of three beautiful children and as a committed leader, providing quality education for Harnett County is a top priority of mine. I believe that teachers need to be free to teach their students without excessive, burdensome paperwork and needless regulations. Education is about teaching children and helping them learn the skills that will propel them far in life.


Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act, has caused many problems on the state level. It is no longer just a federal issue. The program Congress enacted in 2010 that was thousands of pages long has not turned out to be a program that lowers costs and expands care. North Carolinians are feeling the affects of rising insurances costs and plan cancellations. It is vital that we work hard to stop the cost of healthcare from spiraling out of control by looking at market-based alternatives.


Like everyone else, high-energy prices affect my family, my neighbors, and my constituents and continue to hurt working families. Particularly during the winter months, heating oil, natural and LP gas take a tremendous bite out of family budgets. I am proud to say that during the 2013 Session, we put forth much effort on keeping energy prices low. Part of the comprehensive tax reform package included capping the gas tax which will provide some relief for motorists at the fuel pumps. Additionally, the removal of the hidden franchise tax embedded in folks electricity bills will also lead to a decrease in energy rates.


I am pro-life and pro-family. To me, the fundamental responsibility of government is to make sure each citizen has the opportunity to develop to the fullest extent of their abilities. Abortion is the ultimate failure in that key responsibility because the aborted human life was never given the same chance that you or I are so fortunate to have.


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