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Raleigh Office: (919) 715-3015

District Office: (910) 897-8100

P.O. Box 1826 Dunn, NC 28335


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I believe that North Carolina should be a land of opportunity where everyone can reach their God given potential. This is best realized by advocating for entrepreneurship, supporting small business, and reducing regulatory and tax burdens. While North Carolina boasts some of the most attractive and growth ready population centers in the United States, we must continue our recent strides to improve economic opportunity. A focus on achieving business friendly legislation coupled with investment in education and infrastructure will result in a healthy, vibrant, and growing North Carolina.


Education is fundamental to developing individual potential and leveling the playing field for all people, regardless of their background. As such, providing quality education for Harnett County is a top priority of mine. I believe that teachers need to be free to teach their students without excessive, burdensome paperwork and needless regulations; this means getting away from the test heavy culture and providing adequate resources for each student to find their individual gifts. Further, education is about teaching children and helping them learn the skills that will propel them to success.


Like everyone else, high-energy prices affect my family. They also hurt my neighbors and hard working families all across our state. Particularly during the winter months, heating oil, natural, and LP gas takes a tremendous bite out of family budgets. Anything we can do to lower this burden is essential; the more dollars people have in their pockets, the better. Energy policy must be holistic, incorporating traditional generation methods in the short run, with emphasis on development and investment into renewable energy in the long run for a clean, sustainable, and cost-effective future.


Accessible, reasonably priced healthcare is important for people all across North Carolina, but this is especially true for rural counties like Harnett. We must pursue policies which preserve doctor-patient relationships, expand access, and improve quality and cost for patients. We must also enact policies which ensure that people can get the medications they need.


I support common sense reform to North Carolina's election laws. It is my belief, and always has been my belief, that registered voters should vote in elections, that their vote be counted once, and that those votes cumulatively determine the outcome of our elections. While I support changes which increase participation in elections, I also support reforms such as Voter ID which ensure the integrity of our elections system.

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